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Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training (SSYB) P-SS/01

Eligibility for Yellow belt six sigma training
  • Final Year Engineering student who have done their summer training in any industry, preferably in manufacturing
  • Bachelor of Science or Diploma Engineers with minimum 1 year of working experience
Benefits of Yellow belt six sigma training
For the individual For the organization
  • Six sigma, makes Job Easier
  • Quantified Success in high visibility projects
  • Organizations are looking for  such professional
  • Enhance Data Analysis through wide range of tools & techniques
  • Set smart Goals & achieve breakthrough improvement
  • Provides Bottom Lines cost savings
  • Development of staff skills
  • Higher customer Satisfaction
  • Reduction in process cycle time/waste minimization
  • Structure & Systematic approach to achieve operation excellence
Key “take away”
  • Introduction to Six Sigma
  • Key Steps in Problem Solving
  • Six Sigma Tools used in Define, Measure, Improve and Control phases (DMAIC)
  • Data collection Strategies
  • Expectation of team challenges
  • Mitigation of team challenges
Yellow Belt Six Sigma Training Program Schedule and Key Contents
Day 1
  • What is Six Sigma? Successful and so successful stories of Six Sigma
  • Ultimate gainer of Six Sigma initiative? Problem Solving Techniques
  • Developing an eye for Improvement Opportunities
  • Various methodologies of Six Sigma
  • Understanding steps in Six Sigma Methodology and what to expect as SSYB, SSGB and SSBB course
  • Understanding Team Roles and challenges as member
Day 2
  • Introduction to basic statistical terms to define data
  • Data collection strategies and method
  • Introduction to strategies software –“minitab”
  • Define Phase – Key tools of problem definition, their use and contribution as team member
  • Measure Phase – key tools of measuring extent of problem and its characterization, their use and contribution as team member
Day 3
  • Analyze Phase – identifying key tools and short listing causes, their use and contribution as team member
  • Improve Phase – key tools of developing optimization models, their use and contribution as team member
  • Control Phase – key tools for sustaining the gains, their use and contribution as team member
  • Conclusion
Yellow Belt Certification Exam
There is one online exam that each candidate has to take mutually convenient time with in 7 days of completing course. This is needed for Amateur Certification and is eligibility condition for Professional Certificate
Projects @ Cost
In case, candidate seeks professional certificate he has to request for participation in on-going Black Belt or Green Belt Project. Based on participation and contribution in the project, candidate will be given professional certificate. The projects articipation shall be at additional cost.
  • SSYB – Amateur certification (Attend course, pass exam)
  • SSYB – Professional certificate ( Attend course, pass exam, complete project in guidance of our trainer or guide approved by us)
Calibration Program@ Cost
No comparable certification are available in the market.
Yellow Belt Program Fee & Duration
10,000/- (Taxes Extra)
3 days
Apollo Technical Education Foundation
4 A – Fourth Floor, Ramkrishna Chamber,
Baroda Productivity Road, Alkapuri,
Vadodara – 390005,
Tele - Fax 0265 2341385
May 06-10, 2013

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May 13-17, 2013

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May 17-18, 2013
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